Six Weeks – Alaska and California

It has been six weeks since I left my apartment. So far, everything has gone well. I have learned a few things about traveling now. One thing that I’ve done is loaded up souvenirs in a box and I mailed it to my parents. There is a weight limit for carry on at the airport so I had to cut back on how much I was carrying around. I’ve traveled on five trains, four planes and countless cars. I most enjoy flying on a plane because it is faster however I do enjoy the freedom of the car. Speaking of freedom: I have never felt so free in my life. Most of the time I don’t even know what day of the week it is. I have forgotten what it feels like to work.

After China, I made a stop in Alaska but I ended up cutting that trip a little short. I had planned on spending two weeks there however I’m not a fan of snow and the bitter cold. So I looked around, slept in an igloo, went fishing and I even went on a crab fishing boat. After Alaska I decided I want some warm sunshine so I headed towards California. The flight was chaos though. First of all, the plane was five hours late. Once the plane finally arrived, I boarded with my bag but somehow I left my phone in the lobby. I went to look for it but it was already gone. The plane took off but we soon had to turn around because someone on the plane was having chest pains. Finally, ten hours after the scheduled departure time, we took off fo


r California. When I arrived in Los Angeles, it was 90 degrees and the sun was warm. The first thing I did was find a hotel. I’ve found that I get cheaper rates if I go to the hotel the day of booking as opposed to reserving a room. So after I got my hotel, I went for a walking tour of Hollywood. I found it fascinating that on one side of the street was a homeless man but on the other sidewalk was a woman dressed in fur.

I saw the Walk of Fame and went window shopping on Rodeo Drive. I went to the Hard Rock Cafe where I ate an amazing hamburger and I even caught a glimpse of Sir Elton John. I then had some business to take care of so I did laundry and then went to the walk-in clinic. I saw a doctor and he gave me a

prescription so I took advantage of that while I was in America; I’m not sure other countries would be so simple. The first night I stayed in the hotel was great. The next few nights though, I had loud upstairs neighbors who seemed to enjoy bouncing basketballs at 2 in the morning. The next few days I toured around Los Angeles and then after a while, I decided to travel further up north. I got to the center of California after 9 hours of driving. I am shocked at how massive this state is compared to the rest of the country. If you drive 9 hours along the East Coast, you would pass through four states at least.

Once I arrived in Central California, I got another hotel and found that I had enough hotel points to pay for my room for four nights and I got a dinner coupon! After settling into my hotel, I started to look at the attractions nearby. I found that Yosemite was only an hour away so the next day I rented a car and headed out. Once I got to Yosemite, I ran into a crazy amount of traffic. I’m pretty sure walking the park would have been faster than driving. After finally finding parking, I decided to leave the car and just ride the free shuttle. I went hiking on several trails though my favorite was Vernal Falls which has The Mist Trail. It feels like it’s raining as you hike up the huge rock staircase. My legs are still sore but the views were incredible and well worth the hike. My day in Yosemite was awesome and I am so glad that I went.

I traveled around California for a while and now I’m in my hotel in Santa Cruz. I am loving the freedom of traveling. I decided to stay in California for an extra week and it feels nice that I can extend my trip if I desire. My bag is packed and I’m ready to travel somewhere else. So I’m flying to Tokyo in the morning. I bought a Japanese Conversation book so hopefully I can communicate with people. I’m not exactly sure what to expect but I guess I will find out once I get there. I am so excited to go to Tokyo! I feel so free and nothing is holding me back. I love this phase of my life and I can’t wait to move on to the next location.