Day 1 – The Journey Begins

I just got back from my meeting with my Paycation travel agent. Some changes have been made to my trip. I wanted to just go where the wind will take me but the wind doesn’t work well with airports and schedules. I have to have some structure to my plan so I have decided to map out where I plan to go, but not purchase the tickets until I want to leave. That way, I can spend a long time at one location without being pressured to move on to the next location. My travel agent also advised me to get rid of my luggage and instead get a large traveling backpack. Airlines charge for checked luggage and sometimes it ends up costing more than the flight itself. She has convinced me to cut down on what I’m going to bring with me and instead only take the essentials in a backpack that can be carried on for the flight. This will save a tremendous amount of money and prevent frustration with lost luggage. The only thing that’s tough about this is I have to lose my makeup, hair products and cut way back on my clothes. But if I’m going to be a world traveler, I may as well act like it. And what world traveler carts around a tub of makeup all over the place?

So with less luggage, I am now ready to embark on my adventure. My first destination is China because I figured I should go big or go home. The flight leaves tonight at 10 o’clock. I will be landing in Hong Kong where I will take a bus to my hotel. Then, I will visit The Hong Kong Science Museum and finish off the day at The Temple Street Night Market where I will enjoy local food, souvenirs, fortune telling and other attractions. My hotel is booked for two weeks but after spending some time there, I may choose to extend my trip or travel somewhere else within the country. I am so excited to see China so I want to make sure that I have plenty of time to leisurely stroll through the country if I choose to do so.

My next destination will be Scotland so I can see the Edinburgh Castle and go hiking at Loch Lomond. I plan to stay at a hostel if it’s possible. I think I may stay here for a week or two before moving on to Ireland. In Ireland I want to see The Cliffs of Moher as well as tour the ancient remains of Glendalough. I plan to spend a month here because my ancestors are from Ireland so I want to really get a feel for the country before moving on. I also plan to see Australia, Japan, Hawaii, France and Norway. I will add more locations as I go along but these are my first few visits. There are 195 countries and I would like to see them all, if possible.

I bought a new camera so I can document my travels and I also bought a laptop that I can use while I travel. I want to share my adventures with everyone so pictures and a journal are mandatory. I am bringing only four outfits and two pairs of shoes, a blanket, a hairbrush and other small essentials. My backpack weighs almost 40 pounds which is nice because I can easily walk with all of my belongings on my back and it will never have to be checked for the flight. My mail is going to be forwarded to my parents house until I get back home and I have set up my phone calling plan to accommodate all of my traveling.

I am so glad that I have made this decision. For once, I feel like I’m actually living my life. Instead of sitting in an office chair on 20th Avenue, I am going to be walking around Hong Kong. I’m going to travel the world and see what so many others don’t get the chance to see. I won’t be strapped to my desk for a lifetime and instead I’m going to experience the beautiful world. I don’t have a long term plan right now; I’m focused on the present. I want to live for the day and enjoy the world while I can, starting with Hong Kong.